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I am a black male cane corso. I was chosen from my brothers when I was ten months old. According to my keeper, the reason they got me is my beautiful brown eyes and also my little keeper. He was only three years old when I was following him everywhere. He gave me a dog biscuit and I took it gently. I have easily learnt that I am very big and I have to be very careful with my little dog friends. I just rarely forget about it … when we enjoy the game so much and I step on them … but only seldom….

I used to go to dog-schools so that I am able to be a well-mannered dog. That is why I was taught by a clicking thing. When I did something right, I got a delicious snack. I soon realized if I listened to my keeper and I did her commands after the click I got a snack… since then I learnt quickly. My keeper took me for nice walks and people always wanted to stroke me because I have shiny fur. I loved it so much because I felt their soft hands when they stroked my neck and ears… little people’s hand are softer! When they were scared after looking at me, I needed to cuddle up to them and make them calm. Then they weren’t scared any more and started to laugh and play and I got more strokes.

Once, my keeper told me that I had to learn a lot and then we needed to pass an exam. I thought it was a great chance to get more snacks. We showed all the things we practiced and learnt and the people said that we were great so we managed to pass the exam and now I am a THERAPY DOG! I would like to visit and play with several little people to have fun and get strokes because the stroke is so goooooood … and also the snacks …
You can contact me through my handler at eniko.igaz1976@gmail.com

017 014 010