Assistance dog training

Want your own assistance dog for everyday life?
If you don’t have a dog, we’ll choose the best dog for you from our Foundation’s dogs in training. Then together we’ll learn how they can live together and help each other.
If you have a dog of your own and would like to use it as an assistance dog, we will get to know each other and, if the dog is suitable, we will learn together how to make your relationship even closer and teach the dog the tasks of an assistance dog.

Training and certification of assistance dogs is only possible by completing personal training sessions.

To do this, please contact us:

Watch the video on you tube with English subtitles

Watch the video on youtube with English subtitles

Dog and owner training is available at the Foundation’s dog schools and/or as individual training under the guidance of our Service Dog Trainers.

What happens after I have contacted you by e-mail? 
We will send you an application form by e-mail, which you must fill in and return to us.
Based on the content of the completed application form, our senior trainers will assess your application within 15 days.
The designated instructor, who is the nearest to the applicant, will contact the applicant   within 30 days of the assessment.
The applicant and the trainer will meet in person or on-line, where the applicant will be informed in detail about the possibilities of getting an assistant dog.

If mutually agreed, an agreement will be reached on how to obtain the dog, the training process, the number and location of the meetings, the number of people to meet, the and all other activities necessary to ensure the mutual  cooperation and the welfare of the dog in the future.

In the case of assistance dogs, we do not leave the assistance dog owner alone after the selection and training of the personalised dog, its handover, preparation for the test and the test itself. We will monitor the dog’s work throughout its life and help if necessary.

The client shall not be obliged to participate in fundraising activities in support of the training of assistance dogs without the express and voluntary consent of the client.

All persons are treated with dignity regardless of race, gender, religion, culture or ability.  We look for ways to ensure that everyone has the most suitable four-legged companion for their needs.

Criteria for the assessment of applications:

physical ability to control the dog                                              
the ability to accept help
ability to communicate with the dog
ability to learn to control the dog
ability and opportunity to care for the dog.
degree of need
degree of expected improvement in quality of life

Watch the video on youtube with English subtitles