We founded this assistant dog foundation in Kecskemét with charitable aims. The name of our foundation is With Dogs For a Smile Foundation Hungary.
We use trained dogs to enhance an individual’s physical, emotional and social well-being, thus improving self-esteem, reducing anxiety and facilitating healing.

Our foundation has 60 qualified dog-handler teams, . 30 qualified Service Dog Trainers, 5 Trainers of Service Dogs for the Physically Disabled and 1 Dog Assisted Therapy Expert work with us.

This is a voluntary job so the only compensation we get is the love from the children and the joy this activity gives us. The Foundation covers its the expenses from donations only. We try to create a firm financial basis for our activities. We apply for tenders, organise fundraisers and starting with 2014 we able to receive tax donations (1%) .
We would like to establish the conditions for this wonderful work for our volunters long-term so that this method becomes available for more and more children and adults.

If you agree with our aims and are interested in helping us, please do so.


Ágota Juharos MD

  Secretary of Foundation
Service dog trainer
Handler of therapy dog

Name: Kutyával Egy Mosolyért Alapítvány
With Dogs..For A Smile Foundation
Adress: H – 6000 Kecskemét, Petur bán u 2/a
Tax number: 18279166-1-03
Account number: 11732002-20401135  (OTP BANK)
IBAN: HU72 1173 2002 2040 1135 0000 0000
Megyei Nyt. szám: 230; Pk.60.156/2011