Personal assistance dog

About Me:

Education & Training

I am Zete, Labrador Retriever.
Always happy, full of love puppy.
I am my owner’s right hand man, as he used to say. We spend a lot of time together, he has taught me a lot of things that I can help him with. I open and close doors, fetch and retrieve things, pick up things that fall down, so I help where I can. That’s why my owner wanted me to get certified as a personal assistance dog, so I can be with him anywhere, anytime, and help him when needed.
We are having a great time.
The team from the Dogs with a Smile Foundation helped me a lot in my preparation. I learned a lot, but I also got a lot of texts.
My owner is very proud of me because we passed the exam on 20 November 2019.
But more importantly, now we can go to the end of the world together!
Is that all a Lab needs?