About Me:

Education & Training

Bodog NapoleonI was born on Christmas Eve in 2012. I lived in the heart of Budapest with my foster parents. They were preparing me to be a guide dog at the Blind Guide and Service Dog School Foundation of Baráthegy. In medical screenings, it turned out that I could not be a guide dog, but anyway I am a lively and playful dog. So, what happened was that on a Spring day March 22nd, 2014, strange people came to my foster parents and they adopted me. I did not really understand what they wanted, but after the long trip we became friends with one of the two-legged mate, who was my new master. I found myself in a forest lodge, which was filled with lots of fresh smells. I could hardly calm myself down, I ran around a lot and rolled around in the fresh the grass. We started to go to the dog school and to all kinds of presentations. My new family loves me so much that they accompanied me for each show and watched how clever I am. I also got many two-legged and four-legged friends. I really like Ágota and Norbi, who helped us a lot to get to know each other with my master and became a well-matched couple. We practiced a lot of homework at home, and I became very clever and managed to complete all the tasks at the therapeutic exam on the 11th of September 2015. For the delight of my master, we qualified as a therapeutic couple. I am always excited when she gets the Dog for A Smile T-shirt on. I pick up my little basket and wait for her to finally go to the children. I really like to visit my master’s workplace, the EGYMI, where I can help injured children to do well in their studies and their physical movements. And of course, I am happy to play and not to forget to mention about how they always scratch my ears afterwards.

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