About Me:

Education & Training

My name is Bambi ! I am a Mobility and Hearing Service Dog. I am a dwarf poodle and a real plush dog. My owner Ágo is handicapped , she can’t talk and can’t walk and nearly deaf. We were very attuned from the first moment. I understand from her hand gestures what she wants from me and what I can do to help her. E.g.: I can open the door, I can take her shoes if she asks, I can take her socks off, I can pick up dropped objects and put them in his lap. He has a hard time holding me, but I wait patiently until she takes the objects from me, e.g. keys that have fallen off and even pick up metal objects. I can now walk nicely with the electric wheelchair and put small objects in the basket. We love to go hiking and others say I am a really good passenger on public transport and in the car. I know what is allowed and what is not allowed from the look of my owner. I am very hardworking and have a happy dog life and I feel that I have made my owner’s life as happy as possible. I think I have made her life complete with me. This love is mutual. I am very attached to my owners and they love me very very much. I have successfully passed the International Mobility Assistance Dog Exam with the Dogs for a Smile Foundation , which means that my certificate is valid in all countries of the world.